Monday, March 9, 2015

Craziest Week of our Lives

So I am writing down Logan's story for future reference and also to let all of our friends and family know what we have been going through the past couple of weeks! We have not shared this with many people, it happened to fast and with no warnings! Warning it is very long sorry! 

 On Wednesday February 18th Jonny got up around 8 and went into the living room, when he passed Logan's room he heard Logan breathing heavily, Jonny went it and found Logan in the corner of his bed having a seizure.  He called me in and we called 911, this whole time Logan wasn't responsive, which is really scary.  While we were waiting for the fire department and the ambulance to arrive he was still having his seizure.  He had bit his tongue and probably his checks which was causing him to bleed pretty bad from his month.  After the ambulance arrived they had me carry Logan out onto the gurney, at this point he had stopped seizing. Because we found Logan having a seizure we are not sure how long it had lasted for.  I grabbed a couple of things and rode with Logan to the St. Lukes hospital in Nampa.  When we arrived to the hospital he was having another seizure so they had to sedate him and ended up putting a breathing tube in.  

After things had settled down a team from the Boise St. Lukes had came to transfer him over, it took them over an hour and a half to get him stable enough to move him.  They couldn't get his seizures under control, they tried around 5 to 10 different medicines and finally had to do a drip line of one of the medicines so it was constantly in his system. While we were in the Nampa hospital Logan had a Cat scan and some blood tests done which ruled out diabetes.  By the time we arrived to St. Lukes in Boise they had a room already set up and about 6 nurses ready for us in the pediatrics intensive care unit (PICU).  We were so impressed with all the Doctors and nurses there, by this point it was about 12 and we still didn't have any answers to why he had the seizure.  He was not sick, sometimes if the child's fever is high enough that can cause a seizure.  He did't have a fever the day before, didn't have a cold or a cough which meant it could of been something in his brain.  We were just so confused and in disbelief that this had happened, he was normal the day before no signs of feeling sick.  They had an MRI done and a EEG which they glued a bunch of wires to his head and watched his brain activity.   This whole day he was sedated, which is really scary to see your active 3 year old lying on a hospital bed hooked to every machine possible with no answers to why this happened.  

          The second picture is when he had his EEG done.

That day they ended up doing a CAT scan, MRI, EEG, 2 chest x-ray, multiple blood tests, 2 IV's (which the second one they tried in both feet, both hands and in his arm about 3 or 4 times and finally got it after 45 minutes of trying) and cultures of Urine, blood, flu and spinal fluid.  Lets just say it was one of the longest days of Jonny and I's lives and with all those tests they still had no answers of why he had his seizure.  They think his seizure lasted longer then 20 minutes because it took him so long to recover.  They woke him up at around 11 that night, when they woke him up he still had his breathing tube in, he had to be awake for them to take it out. The first thing he said was hi Grandma.  It was so good to see him awake, he had a nasty cough and a raspy voice from the breathing tube.  He was acting like he was a little drunk, he was really week, asked the same question multiple times.  He couldn't focus for long periods of time.  The nurses that were helping us that night had the same hair color as I did, Logan kept asking me my name and I kept telling him that I was mommy he kept telling me that he didn't want me he wanted the other mommy.  I did have glasses on which I hardly ware glasses and my hair was up which I keep it down most of the time. It still made me a little sad that he didn't recognize me! 

Thursday February 19th

That morning Logan was doing so good they decided to move us from the PICU to the pediatric floor, he slept for most of the day, this day wasn't too exciting they started breathing treatments he was breathing really heavily and his cough sounded like he had croup, but other then that is was a good day.

Friday February 20th

All through the night on Thursday Logan was having such a hard time breathing you could hear every breath he took. His heart rate would go from 165 to 180 the normal resting heart rate for his age is around 100. When he would wake up, he couldn't really focus on anything, he wasn't awake for very long that morning.  We had the PICU Doctor come check on him and with our pediatrician, a couple of nurses and the PICU doctor decided that he would get better care if they took him back to the PICU.  This is when the whole thing hit me and it hit me hard, I think I cried for most of the day, for me I felt we were taking 20 steps backwards.  We still didn't have any answers to why he had his seizure in the first place.  We headed back to the PICU and there we had another EEG, chest x-ray blood work done, put on steriods for his throat, breathing treatments and antibiotics. It was a hecktic day but I feel like it was a really good day for progress.  During the EEG he was awake and it was the first time he had told the doctors off, he kept telling the nurses to get out, which isn't what you like to have your 3 year old say and normally I would of been embarrassed but I was just happy that he was aware of what was going on! That night the only thing they found was a start of a virus that showed up on the colture of his breathing tube, other then that all of his tests came back normal.  Although they did find out that his seizure started on the right side of his brain, which was causing that side to lag a little because that is ware the seizure lasted the longest.  We ended up staying in the PICU that night.

Logan's second EEG he was not a fan of this one, luckily he is distracted easily by the i-pad!
Heading back to the PICU you can tell in these pictures that he still isn't all there. 

Saturday February 21st
We headed back to the Peds floor early that morning!  YAY that was a good moment we graduating from the PICU! This day was a pretty good day. Logan still wasn't himself, he is very energetic and loves to talk, and talks in full sentences, but he was still having a hard time forming sentences and he slept for most of the day.  They had told us that Logan needed to have a bowel movement before we could go home and by this day I think it had been a week since the last one.  I was so excited when he went, that meant we were that much closer to going home!  This was also the first day he was able to get out of his room and go for a wagon ride! That was very exciting for him we went and saw the fish they have in the hall way, he was able to take a few steps with me holding him up!  This was a big deal, considering what he had gone through.

This is the only picture we have of Logan and Mason but they loved seeing each other!  They missed each other so much!
Sunday February 22nd

Logan had a good night the night before and we were told that if he was looking good by the afternoon we could go home!!  He still had a very bad cough and you could still hear him breathing, every time he would get up to take a wagon ride(I think we took 3 times that day) he would cough so hard he would make himself puke.  By the afternoon the doctor gave us the choice we could stay another night just in case or go home that night, I just wanted to go home!  I had not seen Mason a ton and I had been home for maybe 2 hours since Wednesday.  I thought he was good enough to go home, the nurse had all of our paper work done and we had them all signed when Logan couldn't stop coughing and lost everything he had eaten that day!  I was so bummed I went to the nurses desk and started to cry (those poor nurses) they told us it wasn't a big deal if we stayed an extra night. That night Logan had a pretty rough night. He had spiked a fever of 103, this made me very glad we had stayed at the hospital because I don't think I could have handled it at home!

Logan thought he needed to clean everything while we were on one of wagon trips around the halls he was pretty funny!
This picture was taken right after the one above, he got so warn out by walking around for 5 minutes at the most he slept for a couple of hours after this

Monday February 23rd

Because Logan spiked a fever last night the team of doctors were now even more concerned and confused, so we started the whole testing thing all over again.  This day was a very busy day for Logan he had a couple of blood tests done, because we were ready to leave the hospital the night before they had taken his IV out so they had to take blood from his hand, you could tell he was not feeling well because he just sat there and watched them take it. After they had done his tests he was so wiped out that he slept for most of the morning.  A little story, when the nurses had there shift change around 7 that morning Logan was looking at one of the nurses and told her that he really liked her hair! That had all the nurses laughing, that was when we could see his little personality come back, he is always complementing the ladies!  After he woke up from his morning nap he was feeling better and starting to talk a lot more we had the Physical therapist and the occupational therapist come in and they worked with him on his sitting and walking by himself which was so fun to see.  We had noticed with his hands that he couldn't really get his left had to cooperate.  It would take him a while to grab things with both hands but the left was harder for him to use.  When he started walking he was dragging his Left foot a little, that luckily went away after a couple of days.  He did really good and loved the lady's he was working with. Later that day we saw an ENT doctor, he came to see why Logan was coughing and breathing heavily still.  He put a little camera tube up Logan's nose and down his thorat to see if he could see anything down there, he though he found a cyst on one of his vocal cords, he did say that his vocal cords were moving so that was a good sign.  By this point Logan's voice was still really hoarse and pretty high pitched.  We scheduled a the OR for Tuesday so he could do a Adenoidectomy, which means he was going to put Logan under anesthesia and drain the cyst if there was one.  If there was a cyst we would go home on Friday but if there wasn't one we could home on Wednesday.

Tuesday February 24th

We were told that Logan couldn't have anything to eat after 8 this morning so I ordered his breakfast at 7 and they didn't bring it up until 8:15, but I begged the nurse to let him eat until 8:20 she was really nice about it! His surgury wasn't until around 6 that night and I did not want him to miss his only meal.  This day was a good day, he was able to go and play in the play room they have there for the kids, he loved it, I think he was just loving that he could walk by himself again.  They were able to squeeze us into the OR at 4, well we went down at 4 and I think they started at 6. We were told that it could take a while so when we got Logan settled in we headed to the waiting room.  Jonny went and got us some dinner, Logan had been in the OR for maybe 10 minutes when one of the nurses said they were all done.   I think I was on cloud 9 I was just so excited, that meant that they didn't find a cyst and that there was a possibility that we could go home!  Jonny came back and the just after that the doctor came in and told us that Logan did fine there was no cyst!! YAY but he did find scar tissue.   When he had his Breathing tube in he wasn't completely sedated which meant when he had more seizures the tube was rubbing on the back of his throat causing it to be irritated.  The scar is right in between his vocal cords which is causing his heavy breathing and his cough.   The doctor said that it is the worst place to have that type of scar because if he does something to the scar it will effect both vocal cords.We are told that it could cause a lot of problems in the future but we will never know until he is older.  His voice will never be the same, he will always have a little bit of a raspy voice.  But we were given the good new that we were able to go home on Wednesday.   After He woke up from the anesthesia he was so hungry! I ordered him soup, fruit, carrots and crackers he ate everything I had and a bag of chips!  He was so funny he couldn't get enough to eat, he ate straight for over an hour, he was hungry!

I had to put this on to take Logan into the OR this jump suit was HUGE I had to roll up the pants about 3 times, I could have fit 3 of me in there easily! 

Wednesday February 25th

We got to go home today!!  It was such a good feeling to leave the hospital and know that we didn't have to come back!  Logan loved being outside, that day was just a good day! After spending 8 days in the hospital it was so nice to be able to go home and see Mason and a family again!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Logan turns 3!

Logan turned 3 on July 22!  Logans birthday cake, he helped me make it this year! He was so excited for his birthday party! He is such a fun and smart little boy and we are so thankful that he is in our little family.

Happy birthday Logan!!  We love you!

Monday, August 25, 2014


 I just can't get enough of this little boy!  He is growing up way to fast!  

 He is such a busy body! He loves to crawl and is started to climb everything!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Picture overload! Keeley Reunion

We had our first Keeley reunion! We went camping up in Cascade it was so fun for all of the cousins to play.  We spent most of our time in the water and playing in the sand. I only got pictures of last day.

 The boys only boy cousin on the Keeley side!

After we got back from camping all the adults went rafting!  It was my first time it was a lot of fun!  We got poured on for most of the time we were out on the water but it was still fun!
 Grocery shopping with this boy is always entertaining! He sat like that the whole time!

We were having pictures done with the Keeley's when Amanda got home. It was time for his first haircut! He was looking a little shaggy.

 Ainsley and Logan loved taking pictures while we were waiting for Amanda at the airport.  

 All the signs waiting for Amanda to come!  
 Shes HOME!!!  We are so excited for her to be home! We have missed her!

 I think Logan had played with girls for a little too long! Lol
We picked my parents garden while they were away, and found this gem!  The biggest zucchini I have picked so far!