Friday, May 31, 2013

It's offical!

Jonny's diploma came this week!  Jonny is so excited he says. "It feels official now!"  So glad to be done with school!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bows and arrows

 Jonny bought himself a bow a couple of weeks ago, and convinced his brother Jason that he needed to do the same!  They went camping the other day and got some good practice in.

 Jonny's sister is on a mission in Argentina!!  She finally made it there and Jonny wanted to send her a picture of his farmers tan!  I keep telling him to put on sunscreen when he mows so he doesn't get cancer, (mainly so he doesn't make me look whiter lol)  He is already crazy tan and we aren't even half way through the summer yet!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby numeber 2!!

 We were able to find out what we are having a couple weeks ago ....
We are having another Boy!!  We couldn't be more excited!  We were pretty shocked to tell you the truth!  We were expecting a girl considering there are only 2 boys out of 10 grandkids on the Keeley side!  We are getting really excited to meet this little boy!  Our due date is September 21st. 
 This is me at 15 weeks
 This is a picture of me at almost 20 weeks.  I am a lot bigger with this one, and am caring him a lot lower, with Logan he was always kicking my ribs, but this is pretty low.  Which is nice. 
I went garage sale shopping the other day with my mom and Abbey, and I was able to find this lady that had a ton of clothes that were barely used and all brand names.  She told me that I could stuff a bag for 8 dollars so took two bags home and counted it out, I got 70 pieces of clothes for 16 dollars!!  I love garage sale shopping!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lunch time

 Recently Logan has been rubbing his plate on his face and in his hair when he is done eating.  I know it's kinda of gross.  Here are some pictures of that result.
 He gets peanut butter and jelly everywhere!

 This is what I get when I tell him to say Cheese.
 Cutest kid ever don't you think??

I found Logan trying to stick our mall key in the cabinet key hole the other day.  Which succeeded many times.  Love this little boy!


Jonny Graduated in April.  He is finally done!!  Hurray!! We couldn't be more excited!  It has been a long time coming, or so it feels for the both of us.  Since we moved before he graduated he choose not to walk, so we just had a small party celebrating his achievement.  He graduated with his Bachelors in Business.  He was just looking at his grades and got through college with one C and the rest A's and B's. 


The trip to the Zoo

We went to the zoo the week of Easter with my sister and her kids, my cousin Deanna and her kids and a friend Kendra with her kids!  It was lot of fun.  The day we went was the first warm day and in the middle of spring break so it was a tad busy!  But still a lot of fun!
 Logan thought he was pretty cool looking at all of those animals.
 Our train.

He was so tuckered out he didn't even last 2 minutes in the car, he was out before we got out of the parking lot.