Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Update!!

A lot has happened since our last post! If you haven't heard . . . .

we are having a baby!!

And it's a boy!!

We are more then excited! This little man will come July 29th!

He is doing great, and i have not been sick once it has been so nice,

I was prepared for the worst, but it has not come! I have heartburn

almost every night but I can handle that!

Jonny is going to school right now, and I am just a working.

I started a job a tami's salon in November and i am loving it. I stay pretty

busy and I love what I do!

We have been doing some catering with Karie Anne's lately we are going to do the dessert for our ward party this thursday I am so excited i have been craving this latley! And it is great advertisment for us! Our ward is so good to us. We are planning on opening it up again this summer around May, hopefully the weather is better this year then last year!! I was still snowing in may! But this year looks promising!