Monday, January 28, 2013

Hiding spots, singing, and bruises

Logan loves laundry days he spends most of the day in the hamper he thinks it is so funny to be in there.
 Logan had a rough couple of days, he had a fight with our bed twice and lost both times.  There is line above his right eye brow be fell on the side board, this one he didn't cry for very long but it left a pretty good mark.

 This second one gave him a good bruise.  He bit his tongue on the way down(he was not on our bed he was walking and happened to fall right on the edge of the bed) and it bled for quit a while, but he quickly got over it when I offered him a kiss and some gold fish lol.  The picture below He thought he was sneaky, I went to throw a diaper away and when I came back to the bedroom it was silent.  I kept yelling for him and that always means trouble if he doesn't respond.  But I found him in the corner of our bedroom just watching me look for him.  He thought that was pretty funny. 
 Logan has always loved singing and has never sung with me until I taught him animal sounds. 


 Christmas was fun this year, we spent most of the day with the Rushtons and everyone but David was home this year.  It was a very good day!

 Eating his Christmas lunch, Mac and Cheese
 Playing with all the new toys he got, this one is apparently heavy lol

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Logans Helment

 So I never posted about Logan getting his helmet off, it was kind of a crazy time of life for us.  He was able to get it off the week we went down to California for David and Paige's wedding.  It was perfect timing considering it was so hot, and the poor little thing would get so sweaty under that helmet. 
 He defiantly rooked the look tho, after he got it off i think he had withdraws from all the attention he got in the grocery store.  Everyone and there dog would stare and some people would come up and ask me about it.  I  however don't miss the attention at all. 
 We are really happy with the results, you wouldn't of ever known that he had to have a helmet.  We are glad we did it!
I love this picture, it makes me laugh i posted it because it is a good picture of his head, but he loves baby Einstein, this is what he does every morning when i shower.  
 Before picture
and After picture