Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween and snow

 Logan was woody this year for Halloween!  I loved wearing his woody hat but was not a fan of the custom.  He was a huge fan of trick or treating this year so we just stayed home and passed out candy and watched the x factor!! Love that show!
 Logan enjoying the only piece of candy he got this year, a sucker! 
 Jonny dressed up in his blue suit from Dumb and dumber.
 I had so add this picture, Logan wake up the other day with his fingers on his face

 I can't stop laughing at this picture he is so cute in his snow suit! He loves the snow!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Crafts and Logan

 So I have decided that I wanted to be a little more festive this year, I made these pumpkins I got the idea off of Pinterest.  I love Pinterest!
 I made this color book for Logan, You can already see he has tore off the m in my. 
 This is his favorite page and mine too.  The hearts and the air planes come off.
 This little guy loves to play with my hair stuff when i am getting ready in the mornings.  He has been fond of my headbands lately. 
 Logan helping my with Laundry
 He is such a goof ball, he loves buckets on his head and loves to hear himself talk(scream)
My little trouble maker, he was being to quiet the other day and found him emptying his wipes container.  Sneaky little thing.

Peaches, Camping and Homecoming

 We had the oppertunity to go camping before it got to cold, Logan loved wearing his hat like this but wasn't so sure about the stuff on his hands.
 This year I canned and made peach jam for the first time by myself!  I am very proud myself, I did 6 boxes!

 Logan is a huge fan of my peaches he has a couple every night before he goes to sleep.
We were able to go home when Marissa (my youngest sister) had her homecoming dance!  It was lots of fun to her hair and to see her off!