Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The heat

A few weeks ago Abbey was able to get her endowments out, so while we had the whole family in town we thought it would be fun to take family pictures!  It turned out to be a little above 100 that day!  Needless to say we were all hot!  Here are a couple of pictures of the boys eating their melted popsicles.  

 This was taken the same day.  Note to self don't leave crayons in the car in the summer, they will melt and  make a mess.
 On Jonny's days off Logan loves to follow him around.  Jonny needed to get stuff done in the garage so he made Logan a little play area in the wagon lol.  He seemed to be enjoying himself with his popsicle and trucks. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Logan turns 2!!

 I can't believe our baby turned 2 on Monday!!  It is crazy how fast they grow up! 
He is becoming such a cute little boy and we are so grateful he is ours!
We threw him a little party with just our family.  He thought it was pretty cool to have all his cousins over to play with.  We all went swimming after cake and presents.

 His cake turned out so good!  I was even impressed with myself!
 Logan became very shy when he discovered that everybody was looking at him and singing
 Presents!  He loves all of them!  He was a little spoiled for his birthday, but what kid isn't?

 Learning how to hit a base ball, I think Jonny will have more fun with his toys then he will!
 The banner I made

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oregon Coast (part 2)

On Sunday we took a hike up to a water fall and bridge. 

 It was so pretty!  Jonny and I have decided that ending up in Oregon wouldn't be the worst thing in the world!  It is so green and so pretty!
 Jonny at the bridge

 Logan had NO fear of the bridge.  His favorite part was when the bridge would bounce.  It was so high, he loved that he could so the water.  That boy and water, he can't get enough!

 Nauva and Logan
We saw these glasses at one of the shops, lol this is for my sister Marissa, she is always saying YOLO

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oregon Coast (Part one)

Back in June we got to go to the Oregon coast!  It was really nice to just get away for a couple of days!  We went with Jason and his family and Dave and Joyce. 

 Logan loved every minute of the water!  Even tho it was pretty cold he did not want to leave.

 Saturday we spent all day at the beach, it was so nice and warm.  Logan was in heaven playing with all the sand and toys. 
 The boys made a sand castle.  I have never seen one this detailed before, they had a lot of admirers!

After the long day at the beach the kids sat and watched a movie!  If you look closely at Logans face, he got a pretty good sun burn.  (It just shows how awesome of a mom he has didn't put enough on oops!)