Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trip to california part one

 We had a lot of fun in California!  It was a fun trip to take as a family.  This was our entertainment for at least 2 hours!  Logan loved the trash can,  he would put it on his head and just start talking and yelling funny kid!

 Jonny driving, he drove most of the way what a trooper!
 We went and spent sometime with Jonny's brother and his family in Hesperia, after about 5 minutes of being there it started to pour, so Abbey got all her rain stuff on and had her self a dancing party.
 Me and Ella

 We went to the san deago zoo which was really fun.  It is huge!

 We went to the beach on thursday before we went to LA.  With in 5 minutes of being there Logan had sand in every part of his body!  He loved it tho.  He even had him self a little snack, I caught him eating sand by the handfuls.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday my Baby boy!!

 Our Baby boy turned one on July 22 it is crazy how time flies!  I can't believe he is already one, he has lost his baby face and is turning into a cute little boy.

Logan was not really interested in the cake Jonny made him.  Instead he thought it was more fun to throw it all over the floor and rub it in is hair!  But how do you get mad at this cute little face?

 Paige asked me to do her hair for her wedding so we practiced a couple times and the last it turned out perfect this is how it turned out!

 Logan and I were able to go to the smith reunion that was held at Donetta the only picture i took was when everyone was picking up!  He had a great time!

4th of July better late then ever

 The 4th was a good relaxed day Jonny was able to take the whole day off which was oh so nice!!  We were able to go to the parade logan loved it!

 We had a little party with friends and family at our house I just had to show off my cookies they turned out so good!
 Logan getting ready for a swim!
 Logan with his friend will!  Logan almost 1 and Will 6 months old lol Logan is just a little guy!
 We bought Logan a little pool just for this occasion it was so hot that day!
Logan and Jonny playing on Jonnys new bike!