Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Done with school!!!

I am finally done with school!! WAHOO!!! I took my state board tests and i passed!! I passed my practical with a 98% i was so nervous!! But i am so glad it is done!! Now it is time for job hunting!! Wish me luck!! Jonny recently quit his job at the ridge and will start up his own buisness in a couple of weeks!! He is going to be selling Itiallian ice and Custard in a trailer across the street form walmart. We are very excited to get it up and running!!

What I have been up too!

The last couple of weeks I have been into making
cards! I love scrapbooking and now making cards!

We went down to meridain for a week and while
I was there, I made Cards with Joyce and a couple of
her friends! They turned out really cute!

Making baby blankets!! We have a lot of friends that are
having babies!

I started this skirt in high school, i just
finished it this morning!! I thought i would have
to give it to my little sisters but it is actally a little
big!! better bigger then smaller!!

My new purse!! I made Amanda my
sister in law a purse for christmas and i
bought enough fabric for two, so i just made
myself a new purse!