Thursday, May 15, 2014

Karie Annes

We just sold out very first business! 
 We started this back in 2009, it is kind of sad to see it go!
 This has been our life for the past 5 years, there are a lot memories with this business, 
but it was hard to run a business from across the state. We are excited for the summer now
 that we will have a little more time to go camping and doing things on the weekend!  


 It was finally warm enough not to wear jackets!  
We love the warm weather!  

This is the weekend Jonny was out of town, both boy already for church! 
 There hair stayed that way for about 5 minutes! 
 Lol at least I tried! 

 Easter egg coloring with our cousin Lukas!  They had a lot of fun coloring them!

Logan found my makeup lol! 
 He thought he was so cool putting it on.  
He has also found my deodorant and puts in on almost every morning.  
I now have to get ready before he gets up every morning or we 
have a little boy with make up on his face.

We have some birds that poop all over our cars!  It is quite disgusting! 
 I cleaned the car the other day and that night they pooped all over it again! 
 So gross!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Logan is obsessed with making towers for his animals! 
 He loves playing with these, 
Jonny made them out of all the extra wood he had lying around.

This is the month we took Logans binky away, 
and this is also the same month he stopped taking naps for me!  
It's kind of sad, but he does fall asleep when we are on the way to the store which is nice.

This little guy is such a good little boy!  
He is so smiley, and either has his mouth wide open or something in his mouth! 

I went to go wake up Logan one morning he had the hardest time waking up,
 he slept in until 12 and finally wake up because I bribed him with his favorite show, Daniel Tiger. 
 After I got him dressed and up for the day he fell back asleep until about 3.  
This never happens, and he never sleeps on the couch.
  He slept for most of the day and then all that night.  He had me a little worried
 but he seemed fine the next day.  He was just exhausted! 
 Skipping naps for so long is tough business!

Monday, May 12, 2014


 February was a good month it finally started to get warm outsitde!  Logan loves his little brother, he loves getting in his crib with him and playing.

 Our first walk lol.  Mason was a little squashed with all the blankets and jackets on him but he loved every minute of it.

We had the chance to go the zoo!  It was really weather and Logan loves all the animals.  They are looking at the tiger, it was pacing around it's little home and would walk right by the boys a couple times.  Logan thought that was pretty cool.

He got brave and feed the goats!  He only did it once but he thought that was pretty funny.


January was a pretty busy month for us!  We moved from Boise to Nampa.  It was good and busy month!  We love the home we are in and love that we have a back yard!!  

Mason is getting so big!  He is about 5 months old in this picture!  He loves his food and is such a happy baby!

Logan and Mason both had there eyes locked on Jonny's phone.  Every time he would move the phone both boys would follow it was quite funny!

Mason woke with his hand print on his face

Logan watching one of his favorite movies hugging the case