Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Camping fun!

A couple of months ago we traded Jonny's motorcycle for a little camper!  We tried it out a couple weeks ago, it will be hard to go back to tent camping thats for sure! The boys slept so good, it got down to the high 30s at night so we just flipped on the heater!  It was so nice!

Logan loves taking pictures, especially when he can see himself.

Throwing rocks in the water

Helping Dad start the fire

Can't get enough of this boy!!  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bath Time!

I am a Child of God

Logan loves to sing!  The other day we were having Family Home Evening and our lesson was on how we are all a child of God.  We were able to get him singing it on video.  Sorry the video is really bad and sideways lol.


May was full of days spent in the sun!  Logan loves to help wash the car! 

Lately Logan had a fascination with putting my clothes on,
 and wearing them as a scarf!

Family movie night.  Mason has learned how to crawl if there is 
food in front of him.  Especially Logans food!

I was over at my parents house the other day, Logan was watching a
 show with my dad and he fell asleep on top of a bunch of clean clothes.

I was put into the scouts in our new ward!  I am the wolves leader. 
 May we had our pine wood derby, and my wolves won first second and third!  
They were pretty excited!

This little boy loves food!  I set a piece of bread down on the table. 
 I look over and somehow he grabbed it and had half in his mouth.  

We had a bbq at my parents house  the end of May, can't have a bbq in the summer without Smores! 

Jonny and Mike decided that it would be fun to buy a couple of wind surfing boards.  
They work really good for paddle boarding.  

I watch my sisters kids a couple times a month!  
Logan loves having cousins so close to play with.