Thursday, May 26, 2011


Me at 30 weeks hes almost here!!

So I have been trying to get rid of all our clutter and i found this fun idea on I made some for my laundry room and bedroom! And it only cost me around 3 dollars to make them all!! I love makeing things that don't cost a whole lot. We are redoing our house, texturize and painting everything, i will have to post pictures later, but we are almost done with that YAY!

Were OPEN!!

I have been waiting all winter for this to open back up again! I have been craving it!

Jonny decided to cover the trailer in Yellow vynal!! Doesn't it look AWESOME?? He did a great job and you definately can't miss it from the road!

The Buisness has done really good this year!! We have only been open for a week now and have already beat last years sells in may! WAHOO!! We love being busy!!