Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a thought

Every week Logan and I meet up with my sister and a couple of other people and go to devotional. Byui holds this every tuesday. This past devo the speaker talked about how he sealed a couple in the temple, and the lady was deaf. He mentioned that she would never be able to hear her children say there first word, cry or laugh. That brought tears to my eyes how hard it would be to not hear the simple things of life. I am so greatful for my ears and my hearing. I think my favorite sound right now is Logans laughter, it is one of the sweetest things. I love waking up and hearing him jibber jabber till I come and get him. Life would be so different without the simple pleasure of hearing.
Last weekend Abbey, BreAnne, Paige, Logan and I went to Bountiful for a very short trip to see my Grandpa Rushton. Here are a few pictures...

Utah Trip

We stayed with Aunt Linda and Uncle Jack. They have a little swing set in there back yard, Logan loved the swings.

I could never get a good picture of these two. This was the best one!
4 generation picture Me, Grandpa Rushton, Logan and Dad Rushton.
Logan and my sister Abbey, He sure loves his Aunt Abbey!