Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween and snow

 Logan was woody this year for Halloween!  I loved wearing his woody hat but was not a fan of the custom.  He was a huge fan of trick or treating this year so we just stayed home and passed out candy and watched the x factor!! Love that show!
 Logan enjoying the only piece of candy he got this year, a sucker! 
 Jonny dressed up in his blue suit from Dumb and dumber.
 I had so add this picture, Logan wake up the other day with his fingers on his face

 I can't stop laughing at this picture he is so cute in his snow suit! He loves the snow!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Crafts and Logan

 So I have decided that I wanted to be a little more festive this year, I made these pumpkins I got the idea off of Pinterest.  I love Pinterest!
 I made this color book for Logan, You can already see he has tore off the m in my. 
 This is his favorite page and mine too.  The hearts and the air planes come off.
 This little guy loves to play with my hair stuff when i am getting ready in the mornings.  He has been fond of my headbands lately. 
 Logan helping my with Laundry
 He is such a goof ball, he loves buckets on his head and loves to hear himself talk(scream)
My little trouble maker, he was being to quiet the other day and found him emptying his wipes container.  Sneaky little thing.

Peaches, Camping and Homecoming

 We had the oppertunity to go camping before it got to cold, Logan loved wearing his hat like this but wasn't so sure about the stuff on his hands.
 This year I canned and made peach jam for the first time by myself!  I am very proud myself, I did 6 boxes!

 Logan is a huge fan of my peaches he has a couple every night before he goes to sleep.
We were able to go home when Marissa (my youngest sister) had her homecoming dance!  It was lots of fun to her hair and to see her off!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bargin shopping

So we went down to Meridian the end of September for my sister in laws mission call and for the consignment sale going  on that weekend!!  I love bargin shopping i have a really hard time paying full price for toys and baby clothes now.  Have any guesses on how much spent??  I got all of Logans Christmas there and clothes until he is 2 years old!!  
8 pairs of pants
3 pjs
3 jackets
9 shirts
3 outfits
snow suit
a walker
6 toys 
and 2 sets of book
for  100.00!!
Yup I am defiantly going to do this every year!  I got a lot of crazy looks but I don't care cause I won't have to shop for him for a long time!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pictures from the wedding

 The Rushton side

 Logan did good until the reception it was so hot and Logan wasn't a happy camper

The Happy couple

Friday, September 14, 2012

California trip part two

 This is the only picture i got of them!  It was really good ceremony it was fun to get to watch them get married!
 After David and Paige got married we all went over to Paiges grandparents house and went swimming Logan was having so much fun in the water!  He loves his swimming tube!

 The only part of Las Vegas we saw.
 Logan was all tucked out by the end of the trip but he did so good!  California was a lot but we were so glad to finally get home, the day after we got home Logan and I went to Montana to the rushton get together!
 I Love this place we would spend every other summer there with the Rushton family!  I have such great memories there.  I was so glad that we were able to go.  This is my awesome cousin Karin!
 Traditional family photo Logan was not having it, it was definitely nap time!
 Logan and my cousins little boy had a lot of fun playing in the dirt!  They got so dirty! 

Logan loves my dads hat it would keep him entertained for hours!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trip to california part one

 We had a lot of fun in California!  It was a fun trip to take as a family.  This was our entertainment for at least 2 hours!  Logan loved the trash can,  he would put it on his head and just start talking and yelling funny kid!

 Jonny driving, he drove most of the way what a trooper!
 We went and spent sometime with Jonny's brother and his family in Hesperia, after about 5 minutes of being there it started to pour, so Abbey got all her rain stuff on and had her self a dancing party.
 Me and Ella

 We went to the san deago zoo which was really fun.  It is huge!

 We went to the beach on thursday before we went to LA.  With in 5 minutes of being there Logan had sand in every part of his body!  He loved it tho.  He even had him self a little snack, I caught him eating sand by the handfuls.